Saturday, August 23, 2008


What a wonderful day. We want to thank everyone that travelled to share the day with us and hope that you had as great a time as we did.

For those that want to see more photos (and by more we mean 900+ photos) send us an email, and we'll give you the details.

Here is a small selection of our favourites if you don't want to filter through them all.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

An unscheduled Trip to DUBAI......

OK, so we didn't exactly plan a trip to Dubai, but our friends at BAA & London Heathrow airport thought they would treat us to an extended stopover.

After leaving work early on the Thursday afternoon (a week before the wedding), we paid the extra money and took the fast train to Heathrow (note: we were going to Terminal 3, not the new Terminal 5) in order to catch our 8:30pm flight. After arriving at 5:30pm we did think it was a bit strange that there were thousands of people queueing outside the terminal. We initially thought it was just really busy, and joined into the respective queue. After about 2 hours without any movement in the queue we started to worry. After 4 hours it started to get beyond a joke. As various flights were moved to different terminals, and the later Emirates flight move to London Gatwick Airport, we were told to just wait. So wait we did.....

With the Heathrow curfew fast approaching they decided to try to get some passengers checked-in, but just as we made it to the front they decided to close check-in. Tears were ready and in the confusion we managed to get a seat on the plane. As it turns out the Transport Authority were sympathetic to our cause and let the plane take off after curfew (4hrs late). Sadly it meant that we missed the connection in Dubai and so Emirates paid for a day in Dubai.

More importantly, we missed the hen's and buck's parties that our friends had organised.
To make the most of our stopover we took an evening city tour which was still in temps of 35 degress.
Hmmmm. Claire: Take 1 part Pepsi, add turbulence. Result: wet and dirty clothes. Tip: a pashmina will make a great skirt!

The world's only 7 star resort.

Airconditioned bus stops!

This little guy popped up alot...
Dubai at night....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random LONDON update

We realised that is has been over 12months since we have posted some random shot things we have been up to. So this should get us up to date.
First up we have a trip of Steve's to the Zoo as part of a photography course.
One of the local meerkats!!

On the day we moved out of Surrey Quays in Sth East London, the London Marathon was on. Not good for catching the tube with many bags & clothes lines etc. but good to prolong the cleaning for a bit.

Leading females

Unfortunately a motor cycle got in the way of the auto-focus with this one.

Liz Yelling, England's great hope

Elite Men

On what should have been a sunny summer's day, we headed to Kew Garden's. Unfortunately we were greeted with quite a cold breeze instead.

One exhausted dad......

Yes I am listening to the trees. The sound is like little drum taps, which according to the sign is the water moving past air pockets in the branches. Yes we don't know whether to believe it or not either!

Claire went to her work's summer event at Lingfield Racecourse. Very long bus trip, no money was won, but she did get to wear a 'fascinator' and pretend it was Royal Ascot.
Amazed at how sweaty the horse was, it only did one lap and it came second instead of first!
Other Aussies from work.
Bon Jovi at Twickenham. Amazing!
Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park. A fantastic afternoon listening to a few bands including The Bangles (yes, we walked like an egyptian), KT Tunstall and The Police.
15 rows back for the main event.

Claire made a quick trip back to Oz to attend Kim's wedding in Mackay (and put the finishing touches on our own wedding plans)

Lorraine and Col cutting some moves..

Harbour Beach in Mackay. The flags were out but there was no one anywhere to be found. This just wouldn't happen in England!
The Red Bull Air Race came back to London so this year we headed out with cameras to improve on last years shots. Sadly the tickets were sold out, so we headed up river a bit on the chance that we would still see the planes.

One of the apartment buildings of Canary Wharf.
Nest post THE WEDDING....