Friday, September 22, 2006

Well a slight change of plan due to the Thai military coup will see us depart directly for London on the 27th, a week later than planned. Phuket will now be on the return journey sometime next year. So what do you do when faced with another week in Oz - we headed to Kingscliff in northern NSW to relax. Not quite as exotic as Thailand but we couldn't be fussy!!

On the trip down to Kingscliff, Claire had to stop halfway to the Gold Coast to get some snacks at the Strawberry farm.

Hired bikes at Kingscliff for some exercise. No gears, pedal brakes, huge tyres and a little kids bell. I want my bike back! Lucky there were no hills on our travels.

Steve getting the speed wobbles on his bike.

Then we thought we might try a nice 4 hour bushwalk up Mount Warning. The last 100m was tough when you need the chain to pull you up the mountain, but the view was worth it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just testing the whole process. Piccy is from Freycinet National Park overlooking Wineglass Bay when we were there last year. Stay tuned for some current updates.