Saturday, September 15, 2007

London - Maggie's Night Hike

What is your ideal Friday night?

(1) A night out with friends setting the dance floor alight
(2) Quiet night at home with a good movie
(3) A date with someone special, or
(4) Walking 17miles around central London for charity

Well we decided to choose option 4, and take up the challenge to raise some money for charity. For the record Maggie's ( is a place usually attached to hospitals where cancer patients and their families can get help with all aspects of living with cancer. Thanks heaps to all who donated to the cause. It was definitely a unique way to check out London.

So it all starts with at 8pm with a pasta party at Guildhall where we get our fantastic shirts and fluoro green bags. A bit of uplifting music to to wake us up and then all 900 of us head off following the Circle underground train line (but on the surface). We ended up getting home just after 5:30am, a bit tired, but satisfied that a good night was had by all.

Guildhall - 9:30pm

As we walked around there were certain buildings, generally of architectural significance, open especially for us to enter. They were mainly to break up the walking and give the Maggies crew a chance to feed us. We found the Royal Geographical Society, London Eye, Somerset House and the City Hall were worth the visit.

Outside Royal Albert Hall - 12:22am

Nearly at the London Eye - 1:51am
View of St Pauls Cathedral from the London Eye - 2:19am

Fountains at Somerset House (the blur in the fountains, is Claire deciding Steve had done enough photography for one night...) 3:03am
Tower Bridge, from the observation deck at City Hall - 3:59amInside City Hall. (Not a staircase for people that get dizzy easily) 4:04am

7 hours later (5am) we finally crossed the line where the Maggies crew had breaky waiting. As far as we were concerned enough food had been consumed throughout the night to last the whole day and sleep was far more important.

Claire crossing the line