Friday, July 10, 2009

The long way home!

We have now finished work, packed up our things into 2 backpacks, moved out of our flat in London, and are officially on our way back to Australia. There are of course a few detours on the way! So that you can keep up with our travels, our plans are as follows:

12 July - 22 July - Croatia / Montenegro - Sailing & generally working on the sun tan!,17.259521&spn=2.414043,3.295898&z=7&source=embed

25 July - 3 August - Turkey - a whirlwind tour of an interesting country

7 August - 25 September - Africa (Nairobi to Capetown) - Our great African adventure

As you might appreciate, we might find it difficult to update the blog over the next few months. Once we return to Australia we'll be sure to upload the many photos of our journey, so watch this space.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Summer has finally arrived and yes the temperature has made it to 30 degrees.
Epsom Races.

It wasn't the nicest of days for one of the most prestigous race days on the social calendar. Lucky for us we had bought tickets into the Lonsdale enclosure which didn't have a dress code. Ponchos out and strappy shoes not recommended.

Our section was on the finish line and across from the Queens enclosure. After she arrived we didn't see her again until the main race.
It was cold and wet.
Our enclosure in the centre of the track
Must protect the food
Glastonbury or Races?
Champagne for the big race
Looking at the weather before the big race
Much stricter dress code in the Queens enclosure
The divot dudes make a return

We read all the different ways to get tickets and had decided to go and join 'The Queue' early (about 6am) on the second day when Steve saw an advert for the sale of unwanted Debenture tickets. They are released 2 days ahead at midday so both of us had a computer and watched the BBC news count down to 12:00. Woo hoo, we get to sleep in and sit on centre court! For the record we tried to get 2 more tickets for friends of ours but they had sold out in 90sec.
We got there at 10:30, so we had some time before the matches started at midday and even then play was only on the outside courts. This gave us a chance to bag a seat for Sam Stosur's match. The crowd was 90% aussie. When we left after the first set (which Stosur won), there was a crowd surge for our 2 seats.
Centre court
Roddick serving - please note that Claire took this photo!!!!
Venus Williams after a fairly easy match
Murray warming up
Murray celebrating
Relaxing on 'Henman Hill' or 'Murray Mound' during Venus's match So close yet so far. We found Federer on the practice courts, and then tried for an autograph but had to surrender the fence to the children.
Umpires swap out. The old man was challenged by Murray on numerous occasions but experience showed through in the end.
The change of balls routine is one the kids have practiced!!
We have about 10 days left in London before we embark on the trip home. Stay tuned...