Monday, June 14, 2010


Leaving Orange River we drove further into South Africa. The scenery was changing again as we left the mountains and rocks and suddenly started to see grass and flowers. Driving through the area known as Namaqualand we were looking forward seeing the wildflowers. There were some patches of pink and yellow that really stood out against the green hills. One of the party goers the night before told us that we were about 10days late. The wildflower season had been a couple of weeks early this year.

A slightly different perspective of the truck

All of us were looking forward to our next camp site. We were going to be staying at Highlanders winery and having a wine tasting. The owner (Sparky) was originally from Scotland and also used to be an overland guide. His vineyard is situated on the side of a hill and it was one of the best afternoon's spent tasting wine overlooking the valley. Sparky's grapes are combined with those of his neighbours in a co-operative to produce the wine which is exported to various countries in Europe including England. The view from the tasting

Early morning with the mist rolling in

During the afternoon, the other members of the group realised that we had not had our hen's and bucks days for our wedding so it was decided that tonight was the night. We were both banished from the bar while preparations were underway. When Claire returned she discovered that she had become 'Mrs Africa' and the boys had obtained some interesting clothes for Steve. We didn't manage to get any photos of Steve but he did look fetching in a white and pink bikini with black tights.

It is amazing what you can do with bin bags, masking tape, and alfoil!!

Sparky put on a fantastic Braii (aka BBQ) for us that night and it was definitely a great way to spend the last night of our trip. We can recommend the Trevino but suggest steering clear of anything called Little B.....

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