Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Orange River

Today it really hit home that we were nearly at the end of this amazing trip. Crossing into South Africa = 3 days left.

We camped alongside Orange River just a few kilometres up the road from the border. The afternoon was spent attempting to play volleyball with a very flat ball. It was made harder by the resident dogs who thought it was just a difficult game of catch. In the end we gave up and headed down to the river where we all took up the challenge to swim back across to Namibia. Luckily for us there is a 'grace' zone of about 10m of the river bank. If we went further ashore we could be arrested. Considering we were only 5km upriver from the border we all stayed at the water's edge!

Looking at Namibia. You can't see it very well, but there is a surfboard anchored at the halfway point.

Another amazing sunset

4 of the other 6 that we started this trip with.

There happened to be a 21st on at the bar that night so decided to join in with the celebrations. A few were lucky and managed to acquire a cupcake or too. I am sure the birthday girl wasn't expecting to come across 20 foreigners attemping the overlanding tradition of 'the springbok dance'. All in all a great night and it was good to meet some some other locals who had tips for our time in Cape Town.

We not only had to deal with the extra friendly dogs, but also the pet pig!

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